Month: September 2020

The Immaculate Deception

The Happiness Lab | 👍🏻👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿 Lockdown and the anxiety the uncertainty Covid brought made our group seek out a positive and uplifting podcast. We needed more happiness in our lives and this podcast served up what the doctor ordered. Dr. Laurie Santos was an incredible host who made you feel like you were sitting right in her lecture hall, which housed the most popular class in the 300 year history of Yale University. The episodes provided profound and thought provoking ideas on how to achieve happiness, which actually simplified the pursuit of it.


Dr. Santos’ delivery was captivating and engaging as she made our group discuss how our own actions impacted our happiness and affirmed some of the things we were already doing to contribute to our happiness, which included our @aPodcastClub discussions through @marcopolo and subsequent Podcast Club live discussions through @messenger (fun filters added to our happiness of course). It fit into the genre of self-help and was backed by scientific research, a perspective we all could appreciate.


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About the show | You might think you know what it takes to lead a happier life… more money, a better job, or Instagram-worthy vacations. You’re dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that many of us do the exact opposite of what will truly make our lives better. Based on the psychology course she teaches at Yale—the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history—Laurie will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness.

.✒️Review by:  @odhuie photo 📷Photo by: @pirate_ali_vega