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Unless you’re a history buff you probably don’t remember much about the tumultuous history surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Frankly, many don’t remember the significance of the time prior to and following his assassination. The podcast 1865, produced by Wondery, breaks down this time in history in a beautifully dramatized version of the main events in 1865. Bear in mind there are creative licenses taken with the story, but it’s used to tie together the historical facts rather than subverting the overall truth — and only adds to your listening pleasure.

Listeners are very easily transported to the post-Civil War time with unmatched audio-production which provides so much auditory detail, it made for easy visualization of the scenes.

Our appreciation of the production was enhanced with the in-between bonus episodes which break-down the process and artistry behind creating visuals with sound. The bonus episodes as a whole were imperative in our discussions. Aside from clarifying the historical aspects of the content and also highlighting the areas of creative licenses that the writers took, it gave us a greater understanding of what was happening in the story against the big picture of what happened in history.

There were some slow episodes towards the end, but overall this is an incredible podcast that we highly recommend. Definitely listen to the bonus episodes, even the bonus Booth episodes at the end – they’re spicy!


About the show | April 15, 1865. President Lincoln is dead and the country in turmoil.Secretary of War Edwin Stanton takes control, determined to bring the assassin to justice—but the hunt for John Wilkes Booth isn’t all that grips Stanton. Lincoln’s successor, Vice President Andrew Johnson, is likely to bend to southern interests and undo the very progress for which Lincoln died. Edwin Stanton must employ every bit of political wile he can muster to secure the future of the freed slaves, and the nation. 


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