Meet the Club

Alicia Guillette
Alpine, CA

Quick snapshot of Alicia

  • runs a small manufacturing company
  • mother of one red headed little girl
  • married to a mountain man

  • Types of podcasts I like:
    • Interview format
    • Science fiction with epic sound design

  • You can find me listening to podcasts…
    • in my car on the way to work, which is about a 25 minute commute
    • on the weekends when I’m sewing, organizing or cleaning

  • Why you enjoy the club?
    • I enjoy seeing my friends on a regular basis. I appreciate their specific point of view and interpretation of the podcasts we listen to. Not only does it open my mind to being more empathetic but as strong capable women we share our day-to-day challenges and how were are overcome!


Orange County, CA

  • Quick snapshot
    • I am married to Will, whom I met while we both were running a DJ school from NY and LA respectively
    • We have 3 kids: Liam, Carter & Catalina…and puppy Quincy
    • I like finding ways to reduce my carbon footprint on the earth, and am passionate about reducing waste
    • I work in the nonprofit sector in fundraising 
  • What types of podcasts you like
    • I like True Crime the most!
    • But overall, big fan of documentary style podcasts
    • Fiction is fun, especially when its a “whodunit” 
    • I am also a big fan of podcasts that are no longer that 30 minutes per episode! 
  • Where/how you listen
    • Like the rest of the crew, the commute to work is best for me 
    • But I often listen while preparing dinner or doing laundry
  • When you started listening to podcasts
    • I started listening to kids podcasts! Then when I realized that everyone else was listening to them, that I ought to explore some
  • Why you enjoy the club
    • It’s an escape…did I mention how many kids I have?
    • The “structure” to keeping in touch with my friends is the best. While we use the podcasts as the base layer of conversation, I love venting my issues (see above – 3 kids), being there for my friends, and laughing!