Month: March 2019

Up & Vanished

our very first podcast listen!

This was our first ever podcast group listen and we felt a great podcast to start on. We discussed everything from the story, the host’s style, the length of each episode, whether or not they would catch the killer, all the way to the advertising we were served and what app we were all using to listen (overcast, apple podcast, stitcher). In the end we decided that we did not like Payne Lindsey’s first attempt at audio story telling. His scattered approach to laying out the case was meandering and confusing. @upandvanished#JusticeForTara#podcast #truecrime
About the show | In Season 1, Payne tackles his first cold case story, the unsolved disappearance of Georgia high school teacher and former pageant queen, Tara Grinstead. The 11-year-old case remains the largest case file in Georgia history and is still unfolding.
Review written by @pirate_ali_vega photo by @pirate_ali_vega